Survey data collection for the plan to counteract the effects of drought

The survey is one of the tasks under frames of the project carried out by Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie for the preparation of the plan to counteract the effects of drought. The preparation of the plan is the responsibility of the President of Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie as defined by art. 240 par. 2 p.8 of the act as of July 20 th – Water Law (Journal of Laws 2018, item 2268 with later changes). The objective of this survey is to collect data required for development of a catalogue and programme of measures aimed to prevent the effects of drought. This survey will contribute to the creation of an effective plan to mitigate the intensity of the drought phenomenon and reduce it’s effects in various sectors of the economy. Survey’s questions relate to the occurrence of drought phenomenon and caused losses and shall also enable submission of applications to the plan covering both implemented and planned actions to prevent the effects of drought.

Duration of the survey: start on December 17th,2018 until February 8th, 2019

Survey data collection cover 5 groups of stakeholders

The first three groups of respondents are public administration units ( ministries, specialized units of government administration and local government administration units). The surveys were also directed to water users, divided into economic sectors and scientific and research institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations related to aspects of management and protection of water resources. In total, 11 questionnaire forms were developed tailored to the scope of activity of respondents from particular stakeholder group. They all differ in the range of questions addressed.

Technical aspects of the survey data collection

The diversity of recipients addressed by the survey required the use of many solutions to improve the course of the study, including those guaranteeing a high rate of return of surveys, as well as ensuring data and information high suitability for creating the plan to counteract the effects of drought. In order to make the entire process easier, we have launched a modern tool in the form of an online survey with a geo questionnaire module ( ). The respondent is provided with a geoportal tool for questions related to location of activities or ranges of drought occurrence on the map. The online survey module also offers a download function to enable saving or printing a PDF file containing a list of all responses given by a respondent. Additionally stakeholders participating in the study after logging in have the option to download a file with a survey form to be completed. Nevertheless, using an online survey, thanks to the user-friendly interface and the functionalities of the system, ensures respondents with more comfort and shortens the time of completing the survey.

Assistance at every step

All respondents taking part in the surrey, will find tools that will facilitate participation in the survey.

There are video guidelines and downloadable documents with technical manuals for the survey tools and additionally – an explanation of the questions. All auxiliary materials are available after registration on the website

There are also telephone and e-mail lines for respondents. Contact details can be found in the tab ,,kontakt ”.


After completing the survey all respondents will receive a gratitude letter along with the PDF file of the questionnaire to the e-mail address provided during registration. Additionally, on the project website and FB profile of the Polish Waters, there will be the gratitude information for all participants. After processing all data, a message containing a link to the report on the results of the survey will be sent to all respondents. For the first 80 institutions and entities to provide all answers in the survey and save it in the system, we have prepared attractive prizes with the logo of the project, and we guarantee participation in one of tree national conferences ,,Stop drought”. The results of the competition will be announced on the website, and the awarding of the prizes will take place during the ,,Stop drought” conference scheduled for March 22 th,2019.  The competition regulations can be found here.

Information about the survey on the website

After completing the survey following information will be available on the website:

– summary of the survey (respondents activities in terms of time and maps, the rate of return of surveys),

– report covering the presentation of responses in statistical and spatial terms,

– downloadable attachments containing survey form, instructions and video guidelines used in the study.

The results of the survey will be also presented at the second conference ,, Stop  drought” planned for June 2019. Check Polish Waters FB profile to stay informed about the current status of the survey.

Attachments for survey participants: