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During the preparation of the Drought Effects Counteracting Plan (DECP), a wide access to information about the project was ensured.

As part of the work, a survey was conducted among 3,500 entities involved in water management. The project plan was presented at nationwide expert conferences and six-month public consultations held in 15 Polish cities. A total of 1,200 representatives of various circles participated in them, including scientists, local government officials and representatives of social organisations from various regions of Poland. As part of the public consultations of the DECP project, over 800 applications and comments concerning counteracting the effects of drought were submitted. The authors of the plan referred to all the comments submitted under the DECP project, and the list, together with the final decision, is included in: The table of comments and conclusions from public consultations and opinions on the project of the drought effects counteracting plan.

Submitting the Drought Effects Counteracting Plan to six-month public consultations allowed to take into account the direct expectations of residents, local governments and public benefit organisations from various regions of the country. The plan includes 182 tasks that are the result of the expectations of local communities, as well as 334 small retention tasks and 78 investments already included in the Polish Waters investment programme.

Due to the materials published on the internet by WWF Poland, referring to the possibility of participating in public consultations of the document and to submitting comments, we would like to inform that during the public consultations WWF Poland submitted 30 comments/conclusions concerning the plan. Out of these, 15 comments were provided with explanations, 5 of the comments with explanations were taken into account (in full or in part), and 10 were not included in the plan. Detailed information on the plan’s authors response to the comments/conclusions submitted by WWF Poland is available at the following links:

The method of considering the comments submitted during public consultations of the DECP draft is available at:

The method of considering the comments from the consultations on environmental impact assessment is available at:

We emphasise that one cannot look at the Drought Effects Counteracting Plan (DECP) selectively and focus only on investment tasks. The document clearly indicates that in order to effectively counteract the effects of drought, it is necessary to act comprehensively and implement all the proposed initiatives. These are both small and large retention investments in rural areas and cities, as well as educational activities aimed at both adults and children, drawing attention to the need for rational and sustainable water management and preservation of water resources for future generations.

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