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To effectively combat the effects of drought, we all need to realise how important water is. We do not have too much of it, and climate change will mean that there will be even less water available, so it is important to use the available resources rationally. Each of us can contribute to reducing the risk of drought and start saving water. Below are some information materials that can inspire you to take action to conserve water.

Stop drought! – English version – PDF file   Download file

Non-specialized version of the PPSS plan for children and adolescents – Polish version Download file

Save water with PGW Wody Polskie – Polish version

All of us can contribute to reducing the water crisis – Polish version

Good practice – How each of us can contribute to saving water – Polish version

How to retain water on single-family homes and in public spaces – Polish version

How to reduce water use in agriculture and on forest land – Polish version

Lesson plan for grades I-III Polish version:

Lesson plan for grades IV-VIII Polish version:

  1. Scenario
  2. Presentation for the scenario
  3. Work sheet