Three national programmes have already been launched, where the aim is to support small water retention reservoirs in rural and urban areas. Here we explain for whom they are intended and which have the possibility of obtaining funding.

  1. Farm modernization – the irrigation areas of a farm, is a programme for irrigation subsidies for farms, implemented by ARMA.

This programme is intended for farmers. Thanks to the programme, farm owners can obtain funding for the construction of wells and reservoirs, for example, as well as the purchase of machines and equipment for water collection, storage, treatment, recovery or distribution, irrigation systems and irrigation control systems. The financial aid available per beneficiary and per farm is up to PLN 100,000.

The time for submission of applications has been prolonged to 20 July 2020. Application documents are available under the link:

The National Water Management Authority will support implementation of the programme, training consultants designated by the Agricultural Advisory Centres. All of this to assist farmers in preparing the water law documentation required to obtain the permits for constructing farm irrigation systems.


  1. City Climate – ‘green and blue infrastructure’ – is a competition announced at the end of April 2020 by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management with the Ministry of Climate, intended for local governments. It assumes funding for rainwater management and urban vegetation management projects. No subsidies for private persons have been envisaged under the programme. Information on the launch of the call, scheduled to start in June 2020, will be available at: More information on programmes for adapting to climate change for the period 2019-2021:

In June 2020, the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy will start another call for applications for funding urban investments that would increase the amount of retained water. 60 million zloty has been designated for programme implementation. At the moment, 44 projects are being implemented in Poland, aimed at counteracting climate change, with a total EU funding of PLN 1 billion. Information:


  1. Channel retention – Programme for managing water resources in agricultural areas implemented by the National Water Management Authority. Please note! No subsidies are available under this programme. The investment projects are planned and funded from the budget intended for this purpose, amounting to PLN 154.7 million (for the period of three years). Works for PLN 60 million are planned for this year. The programme is a common ministerial action implemented with the Ministry of Water Management and Inland Navigation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and with local governments and water management companies involving farmers. It will cover 16 Polish voivodeships. The purpose is to restore the dual functionality of drainage facilities, which will ensure water retention on arable land during the periods of drought. More at:


What is more, actions for water storage have been conducted by Regional Environmental Protection and Water Management Funds and local governments.

For instance, in the Łódź Voivodeship, which is especially threatened by the problem of drought, the Regional Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund in Łódź has designated PLN 4 million for funding retention within the framework of the ’DESZCZÓWKA – Gromadzenie wód opadowych’ priority programme. Thanks to this programme, interested persons will be able to obtain up to PLN 5000 for sowing flower meadows and constructing small retention reservoirs.
Forms and detailed information available at:—gromadzenie-wod-opadowych-,46,747.html?fbclid=IwAR1-558w9TC6KS-7XAuzQhCFfNrW8IvnHD6X3TSuhxuxeVsKFACcNBSUzgw

Important! Numerous gminas (local government units) are implementing local government programmes, funding retention promoting actions. They are also aimed at private persons, including for rainwater tank funding.

Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdynia, Sosnowiec, Gdańsk and Choroszcz and other cities support water retention promoting actions for their citizens. Detailed information on the ongoing water retention promoting programmes and funding actions supporting, for example, rainwater collection can be found on the websites of the city or gmina offices appropriate for your place of residence.