The climate is changing and you have to catch every drop of water. with this sentence our new spot begins, with which we promote the Stop Drought Now Programme! This time we want to encourage everyone to support retention. This can be done in many different ways. Each of us can say: Stop Drought Now!

We invite you to watch the campaign spot

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  • We recommend sowing flower meadows instead of water-loving lawns. Colourful and fragrant flowers and herbs perfectly maintain moisture in the soil, and additionally attract bees and birds. Flower meadows do not require intensive watering, and they are mowed only twice a year – the first time when they have already produced their seeds. Such a meadow can be sown in front of the house – in the countryside and in the city, on small and large squares. Let’s replace lawns with flower meadows!
    More about flower meadows HERE
  • Farmers are encouraged to use programmes aimed at counteracting the effects of drought. Especially to use the pilot programme of shaping water resources in agricultural areas. This is an innovative approach to the management of riverbed retention, restoration of coastal river backwaters, construction or reconstruction of valves on drainage and irrigation ditches. Let’s use the national field irrigation programme!
    More about programmes for farmers HERE
  • Multi-purpose retention reservoirs are becoming necessary because we are increasingly experiencing extreme weather phenomena – heavy rainfall and longer periods of drought. By collecting rainwater in small and large reservoirs, the water balance locally improves. Retention reservoirs reduce the risk of flooding when heavy rainfall occurs. They also collect water for the drought period. So we will keep the water where it fell thanks to the retention reservoirs.
    More about retention reservoirs HERE

Water management should be approached very rationally and comprehensively. We carry out tasks in Polish Waters balancing the needs of the economy, agriculture and the environment. We know that we need to care for water resources today and for future generations. That is why we encourage everyone to act with us and join the Stop Drought Now Programme!

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