More than 110 participants, 10 speakers, almost 6-hour debate, 3 discussion panels – this is brief summary of the national conference “STOP THE DROUGHT” dedicated to the exchange of information, concepts and experience in order to develop methodology to create plans for counteracting drought effects (PCDE).

Among other problems, the subject of the analysis included the issues connected with organising the structure of counteracting drought effects, identifying the drought phenomenon, economic guidelines for the purposes of the PCDE, or potential to expand available water resources. Moreover, during the conference the experts presented the guidelines how to create a catalogue of actions aimed to counteract drought effects.

“I wish to thank everyone for accepting the invitation from the National Water Management Authority (KZGW), and for active participation in the debate. The discussion in this broad group of experts and persons with field experience allows at this stage to take into account individual conclusions and opinions, and to prepare through consultations the final entries of the methodology used to create strategic documents, such as the PCDE” said Przemysław Gruszecki, Director of the Department of Planning and Water Resources, KZGW.

The conference was held as part of informative and promotional actions supporting the project called “Development of plans for counteracting drought effects within river basin areas” co-financed by the Cohesion Fund.

“STOP THE DROUGHT” Conference: Download File

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