The development of municipal hydrological monitoring system in Gdańsk is now in progress. More than 70 new weather stations with sondes and rain gauges are to be installed until the end of May next year.

Currently, hydrological monitoring system in Gdańsk consists of 34 components. Additional 55 sondes and 19 rain gauges will be installed by storage reservoirs and in critical points along streams. Moreover, a weather station will be built to carry out observations of weather conditions. Equipment measuring precipitation volume and water level will be fully operable in May 2018. It will allow effective flood risk evaluation, adequate reaction of rescue services and warning local communities.

Moreover, works are in progress, which are aimed to increase storage volume of Kiełpinek Reservoir, along with preparations to establish an early warning system notifying local residents about weather hazards. The system will consist of 70 electronic sirens deployed in Gdańsk and Sopot.

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