About the project

The purpose of the “Development of plans to prevent the effects of drought in river basin districts” project is: preparing plans to counteract the effects of drought for each river basin district designated in Poland

Implementation of the measures included in the Plans will help to reduce the phenomenon of drought and to minimize its effects. This project together with the river basin management plans and flood risk management plans prepared by the President of the National Water Management Authority will form the program contributing to an integrated water protection and water management in order to provide good quality and sufficient quantity of water to all departments of the national economy and the environment. The development of the Plans will include the identification and prioritization of areas threatened by the occurrence of drought in different river basin districts and the assessment of the needs in terms of protection against drought. A set of actions to prevent and mitigate the effects of drought on society, environment and economy will be also developed.

The development will be made available to the public, which will contribute to increased awareness of the magnitude of the risk and will provide access to current information in this regard and the planning of preventive measures in river basin districts.

The physical effect of the project will include updated methodology of implementation plans to counteract the effects of drought and the plans to counteract the effects of drought in river basin districts which will be created on the basis of updated methodology. The plans will contain:

1. An analysis of the possibilities to increase exploitable water resources,

2. Proposals of the construction or conversion of water installations,

3. Proposals of necessary amendments in terms of the use of water resources and the changes of natural and artificial retention,

4. A catalogue of activities designed to mitigate the effects of drought.

The direct result of the implementation of the project, being the environmental effect, will be the development of plans to prevent the effects of drought in river basin districts

The source of project financing: 2nd priority axis of the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment – Environmental protection, including adaptation to climate change (Cohesion Fund resources).

The planned total cost of the project: PLN 16,000,000.00

The planned amount of financing from the Cohesion Fund: PLN 13,600,000.00

The planned amount of co-financing from the State Budget: PLN 2,400,000.00